About Me

There’s nothing special about me, I’m just a person who loves music and whatever the technology brings that can help humans to be more efficient and solve their any problems brought by the real world. I love how the silence works, colorful lights, any kinds of musical instruments, exploring some crazy ideas about life, reading books, DIY lessons, discovery channel, national geographic channel, history channel, fireworks display, classical music, military sciences, physics (though I suck in this subject but I’m good at chemistry), skateboard, customized cars, and watching movies. I also love pasta, tomato sauce, all kinds of wine, any kinds of grilled stuff and any food with sweet and unknown flavors.I wish to write a book of my own, to play with my bandmates in front of strange people, have a warm family one day, to explore the world, to discover some strange things that I’m interested in, to create my own music, to make a powerful website, to help people having the most difficult technical problems by creating a good solution, and to learn and master skills that this planet offers.Above, looks like a salad of web tags, but it was something that explains maybe 80% of me, this is my page and I’ll write anything that my life brings me, and only ends when the higher being gives me its last page…                                                                                                                                                      

Дмитрий Закаев

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