Gray Hair

Imagine a lonely life, things like 40 years from now, sitting on a bench in a park, just waiting for the time to pass through; the sky is clear and all I have is just a piece of silence.  Just taking a glance around the peaceful environment and counting the years especially those wasted ones. Thoughts that suddenly popped out as I simply take a simple glance of an old man, alone in the park having a face that seems like he had his best time before wherein he enjoyed most moments of his life but still ended up like searching for something different or something he’s looking for, his whole life wherein in just 10 seconds, I started to wonder about my life… What if, I’ll end up like that? Where no one’s beside me saying,” you know, you worry about some things too much“ every time life’s not that fair some times.  The morning was so fine and peaceful that day with a question asking me why am I so scared ending up alone wherein I already endured years of my life always working things out alone…  why? Don’t know

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