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After days of thinking of whether to leave or not and hoping to find a company that matches, or almost matches my expectation, my friend shared that she got a friend who works at a very nice company that can give us a nice offer. My pessimist side of thinking said, “ahh, it’s gonna be one of those who sugarcoat their company to gain a referral bonus” and I can’t avoid that kind of thinking since I am starting to set up or starting to accept the reality that there’s no such perfect company who cares too much about their employees, there might be some but they require you to exceed their expectations as an employee. It sounds so good that I started to check some information through the web, the company name doesn’t make much of a sound or not something that I can see on a billboard through EDSA or any advertisement platforms but what caught my attention is, slapped me with an overwhelming result, I can’t believe what I’m reading. That almost convincing but still I have this side that says that they can still rig whatever comments or rates on that site but something that got me are when I tried rechecking the conversations we had in our group chat.

 We started a Facebook group chat with my friend’s friend who shared this opportunity and we started Project Exodus somewhere around the 1st week of June and if you’re asking about what is Project Exodus, well it’s just a few numbers of colleagues that we have that are demotivated enough to start the migration to a different company, we don’t have any plan of doing a rebellion but our purpose is for us to look for a place to have a work-life balance experience since all of us are scared that once our passion in providing an excellent service to our customers dies, our performance dies and all other things will follow; it is just a group of fellow people who wants to find a place where we can work and show our best and maybe just to receive a pat on our shoulders and that they mean it. I’m amazed how the company’s care for their employee radiates through our referrer, the way how he explained things are so clear, he helped us to identify the career that we wanted to push and he also shared his experience working in this company for 2 years or more. Everything he says is too good to be true that I, tried checking the patterns and trying to catch if there’s any offset or something that will say something about the catch. Well, maybe most of us can’t avoid looking for the catch especially if the offer is too good, where at this point of conversation, we never discussed any numbers about salary or anything, since our goal is just to find a fun working environment, and I did my best to wait for the catch but no, I failed to get one and that made me so interested about it. All he talked about is all about how pieces of training are so accessible for them to grow better inside the company and the training are not only exclusively for those who are on the top positions but as well as for those who are starting. He also shared that their company doesn’t look that much about educational background as long as you can do the job and if they require you to step up then they can help you to upgrade your knowledge.

So after a few days of chats through Facebook messenger, we decided to attend the job expo, I still got some doubts that the information given to us is too good to be true but then… all my doubts are gone as soon as I entered the room. Staffs are so accommodating and entertaining that I can’t believe what was actually going on, “So this is like shopping for the job looks like, well if it does then I wish all of the job expos are like this” I murmured myself. The registration went smooth and got inspired to give my best shot for the interview, I didn’t even construct what to say for the interview since I’m so focused watching whatever they have on the stage. Not making it or not landing on any of these jobs isn’t a bad experience after all just in case if I can’t make it since I can just finish the show and get freebies then get home and reset again looking for the job next day which is I’m sure that I won’t be able to find a setting like this. Most expos are being held inside a mall or inside their company building just to avoid too much cost, but this? They must be big, 2 days expo event in a place where companies will only book it for their annual stockholders’ meeting but to get applicants? Hehehe, that’s crazy, this is like finding a secret door and found Narnia or the door to a secret garden (I guess no one can relate since it’s an old movie but who cares hahaha). Just taking a picture inside is a win-win situation, though I didn’t took any picture since I was distracted by the stage, but the environment itself is great, something that gives me an impression that this company cares so much about welcoming new applicants that they spent much for it, and if they spent much for it, then that means that they can also take care their employees very well.

 We went for a written exam and honestly I’m not quite good enough but I’m not doubting myself anymore since I had fun outside because of the entertainment they offered, I just made sure that I write who I am when it comes in handling customers, make sure that the message is clear, let them feel that they’re special, and don’t worry about much of the technicalities of writing since it makes me nervous if I think too much about it. Then the initial interview went well, I think that I talked too much that time since I got so excited that I start talking too much without worrying too much about the result, I don’t know if the entertainment outside the room got me that I’m too confident enough to talk without any worries about the outcome. Then the final interview… I wish that can still remember his name… if he’s a detective or a cop, probably he already solved many cases he has the power to let someone talk with confidence. I started talking like there’s no tomorrow, I can feel the positive vibe inside the room, wherein, at last, a person from HR who’s not just interested in what I can offer and do but how am I as an employee from the previous job and what made me decide to look for another company. It’s the first time that I never felt that I was being judged because of my educational background and doubts that I can’t do the job because I don’t have that much of experience that’s closely related to the job that I want to have. I talk too much that I can’t even remember things that I said (I’m still kinda worried that I talked too much that I spit out some of my secrets, but who cares what will I hide hehehe), I went through that hiring stage where I can’t even feel that I was interviewed it was a feeling that you just a telling more about you to a new friend.

You don’t have to read those lines above (maybe not even this last paragraph), but what I want to say is, if ever you found one or found any hiring experience like this(which I doubt that you can find one), then do your best to get in. Companies don’t do much effort to set up a hiring event like this that’s why probably most of the other companies are taking too much effort to advertise their company because they can’t reach out to applicants like this, they can’t let you feel the experience, the feeling that you as an employee can have a career growth inside as long as you express what you’re passionate about, where they don’t care if you’re the best and there’s no need for you to oversell yourself because they’re confident that they can train you to be the best. Something that I love about this is when they let you talk and they ask you questions about how you are as a person and not as a robot that can promise to provide high numbers, and also a great feeling that you won’t be scared of telling them what you like to be, a feeling that they need you because of who you are, and a feeling that there’s no need for asking questions like how much you need…why? Well, most of the other companies will offer you $$$$$$ but they ask too much from you to match up what they offer and $$$$$$ can’t buy any happiness if you can’t balance work and life anymore. What I’m trying to say is if you got a chance to have an interview and the HR is confident enough to let you feel that they got the best working environment (which is again, I doubt that you can find any easily), then grab it, why? Because it’s a sign that they themselves experienced it and if they’re approachable and they’re interested of who you are then you won’t have any problem reaching them for any career advice and you won’t have any problem reaching out when it comes to anything that you need from the company, they can guide you the way how they handled you during the interview.

 I can’t remember the names of who interviewed me (I don’t understand why I’m really bad at names, I should have written that before I left the room) that day but thanks so much for the opportunity especially for the one who gave me a phone ring, I gave it to my friend because I don’t know how it works and my finger is too long that I’m scared that there’ a great risk of dropping my phone with that ring on my phone. All of them gave us the great job shopping experience, from the registration stage to the final interview and I will make sure that you won’t regret accepting me as part of your team.

 Because they are the one who will watch you grow inside the company, and they’re the one who carries the company’s flag and you won’t have any problems in the future if you need something from the company, they can take care of you if you need something

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