Happiest Day of My Life

She finally said yes, though it was so unclear I can feel it clearly, but still, it sounds that I said something that might force her to say yes. Though it was over the phone, I felt it so much that I can’t explain how much happy I am, that everything was so colorful and every small noise around me sounds like a piece of music inside my ears. I’m gonna give my best, I will in every small thing that I can, though I wish can share something huge with her and I wanna end her worries in life, let her feel what she deserved. I hope that I can fulfill every fantasy and her dreams in life even her smallest wishes in life; not just only her, including her princess; She has a bright kid, she smiles sweetly and speaks every truth that she knew about life, without getting scared of whatever people think about her. She’s her strength and she’s the reason why she survived her monsters in life. I wanna be a part of her, I wish I can be someone who can share with her about the stars, the fishes in the sea or any branches of science that she wants to explore and maybe answers her questions about this world we’re living. Though I feel nervous about her because she’s not just a kid, she’s had a reasoning capacity of a fully thinking adult though I can still see how she’s having fun observing things around her, a typical instinct of a kid. That’s what I got from the first time I saw her, and speak with her when they visited me in April.

I want to say a lot of things but I can’t even write the right words that can describe it. …………. WHooooooohhhhhhoooooooo!!!!!!

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