A Dance, It’s not the Music that Leads but Her

I wish that the music won’t end, playing in a continuous loop that no one can ever stop it; or even if it was just a 4 minute song, I wish that the time slows down, slower that the speed of a heartbeat.

It was a an unexpected invitation that night, though the place was far where she was. I still have the excitement to see her, that I just jumped into a cab without any idea what the place’s looks like. After a couple of minutes, I’ve reached, my destination; and yeah,, it was the right place; though I’m not sure if it was the right place. I just realized that it was the right place when I asked her to meet me to where I was.

She’s perfect when I saw her from the distance, I don’t know if its the orange street lights but she’s looking so sexy. Maybe she’s wearing those heels that made her body so perfect in posture, that made me so drooling and having some problems in focus. “Why do I keep on having dirty imaginations of her” the questions that I keep on asking myself because it’s not good anymore and it feels like I’m violating a part of her. It was a dirty thought but this time it was something deeper, it’s not just a lust that I always encounter to any girls that I have a some nights before. There was something more to it, something like I want her in a way that I wished that it will be like any words that has something to do with love and added by the word called “ forever”.

It was her best friend’s wedding that night, and I feel a little nervous because I’m gonna meet new people whom she knew and I’m scared of questions they might ask, well honestly I have trouble in making some conversation so I sat as she get something inside. It was a cold night and the reception was not like any reception that I witnessed before; it feels like it wasn’t that magical, that the people are enjoying but the groom was cold, he was somewhat trapped, as I can see how he handles her bride and how he tries to isolate his self from his bride by always trying to be with his friends to the table where we are.

They start to play a sweet music and dancing gracefully around, she had fun dancing a lot of times,, she loves dancing, I can see it in how she laughs and smiles when she’s on the dance floor. I thought that I can stay invisible for a while till the dance ends but they insisted so I stand up and face my fears.

I can feel feel that coldness of the air but as I move closer to her, I can feel her warmth as we sway with the music. Staring at her as she just makes a happy face; I knew that I’ll start to have this attachment to her and for the first time; I didn’t try to escape or attempt to avoid that feeling. I wish that she feels the same way too, that she can feel what I have deep inside, that at last I found some sort of a hope in life, a reason to feel so happy and forget those dark past.

It ended well that night, it was my first time to see her smile, a real one without concealing any traces of sadness.

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