Something Weird

Someone new, working on my boss’s restaurant business just caught my attention, it feels like I saw her before especially when she turns back. Her back part seems so familiar and I don’t have any idea where I saw her, maybe this is what I get when I watch too many movies, characters are coming out from the screen to the real world. Though I didn’t speak with her, something’s different and all things are not in order, maybe I just need to get some proper sleep before my senses go bad. I just can’t understand why she smiles so weird but her eyes were so sad that I can even feel some sort of unidentified sadness or being lost inside her. Naahhh !!! I’m just making hallucinations that I can tell people’s emotion wherein fact; I don’t care any of these, but she’s just so different…..enough for this shits and focuses on things that need to be done!!!

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